28 South Street, Medfield Center

Town Center Initiative II
Oxbow Partners, Developer

28 South Street, a farm house style building, is located within historic Medfield Center. A five minute walk to both Meeting House Pond as well as to Medfield High School / Middle School, 28 South Street is an ideal location for a family looking to settle in an active village. In addition to it’s fantastic location, 28 South Street is adjacent to 428 Main Street which is also owned by Oxbow Partners. Realizing the high amenity value of the location, as well as the potential to create a new buildable lot via a land transfer between 428 Main and 28 South, Oxbow Partners purchased the property in 2012. Working with the Town, Oxbow obtained all necessary approvals, including approval of the Medifeld Historic Commission, allowing the construction of a new 2500sf 3BR home sharing a common drive with the existing structure.

When complete, 28 South will provide high amenity living for families looking to own in a community with fantastic schools, very active youth programs and a vibrant town center for less than $800,000. At the same time, 28 South will provide additional density/activity to Medfield Center as contemplated in the Town’s zoning ordinance. 28 South, part of Oxbow Partners Town Center Initiative, is a great example of seeing opportunity for a desireable product while working within the character of an existing town.